Fun Friday!



First of all let me say Happy Birthday to Jud!  He turns 3 years old on the 10th and is having a party tonight in Augusta.  I am so sad that we don’t get to be there for the fiesta, but I am sure he will have a great time.  We lToday is Friday, and I love Fridays because I love being all together as a family.  Josh is home at great times most every day, and he makes sure to spend his weekends with us.  For some reason I think the weekend starts at lunch…I start calling Josh and asking how much longer until we get to see him.  I am bad.  Right now I cannot find my phone, so he may be feeling neglected.  OR maybe he is actually getting things done at his office.  ANYWAY, tonight we are going to a friend’s house (the Koesters) for dinner and dessert.  Our kids play so great together, so I am looking forward to it.  We will have two other kids with us, and they are coming home and spending the night with us so their parents can enjoy a date with no curfew.  


Tomorrow we are getting our pictures taken by Coleen Verner.  She is getting started in photography and is super talented.  Check out to see all of her talents displayed.  I will post some pictures once we order them….that is, IF everyone cooperates and makes a great picture.

Lastly, let me just say that I am THANKFUL.  Yesterday I got my washing machine fixed.  I am thankful that I can wash clothes.  The guy was in and out, yet it cost over $100; however, what a blessing that we could afford to pay him and that it wasn’t even more expensive.    I am thankful for my kids.  They are all healthy and have been for some time now.  That is such a blessing.  I am thankful for my husband who loves me, provides for us, and wants to hang out with us as much as he can.  I am thankful for our home, our car, our extended family who we miss a lot because they are all hours away.  I am thankful for my health.  I just worked out on the treadmill.  I really have to talk myself into it, but once I am on there and sweating….well, I feel so great, and I am just thankful for being able to run and walk and breath well and see and hear and do all the many things that I do in a day.  Speaking of the many things I do in a day, I better go put the clean sheets on my bed, switch laundry, and get ready for our great weekend.  HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Mack Attack

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Messy Mack
Messy Mack

Ok, Mack is a mess—in more ways than one!  He loves to climb. He climbs on Josh’s office desk regularly.  He gets popped for it, but continues to do it day after day.  I was just putting up dishes and loading my dishwasher while the girls and Mack were in the playroom.  I was also on the phone for a bit with our repair man who is coming to fix our washing machine….anyway, I get off the phone and ask Ruby if Mack is in the playroom.  She says, “No, he is in the office.  You gotta come see this.”  Sure enough, he is sitting on the office desk, with a pencil….oh no…he drew all over our screen of the computer with a pencil.  (Breathe, Kristy, don’t go crazy over this.  Your kids are watching you.)  I get him off the desk and THANKFULLY the pencil wiped off with no damage.  What am I going to do with this boy????!!!!

While I am on here, let me go ahead and tell the story about Molly.  Here is how the conversation went:

Molly-Daddy, are you going to work?

Josh-Yes, Molly, I am going to work.

Molly- You aren’t wearing a work shirt….it doesn’t have stripes.

(Evidentally, Josh wears mostly striped golf shirts to work.)

She and I were reading a book and one of the pictures showed a boy getting dressed, and he had a belt on.  Molly said that he must be a daddy because he had a belt. I don’t wear belts and neither do my girls.  Josh is the only one who does.  She is quite observant.  When we met Josh for lunch today she immediately said, “You have on a work shirt today, Daddy.”  It was striped.  

And one on Ruby….She is not a great eater.  She didn’t eat much supper tonight (roast, potato, carrots, onion, apple).  After a few hours she hollers, “I AM STILL HUNGRY.”  We let her know that she doesn’t get any food, and she needs to learn to eat her dinner so that she won’t be hungry.  Her night time prayer was, “Dear God, Thank you for this wonderful day.  Thank you for the food I ate at breakfast and lunch.  Please help me learn to eat dinner. Amen.”  

Cute kids.


Well, the election is over…we won’t even talk about the results…BUT, I did want to share about my voting experience this year.  When I voted for Bush in 04, Ruby was with me and was only seven months or so and did great in the long line.  This year, just four short years later, I am in line with THREE kids.  Fortunately, we vote at our neighborhood clubhouse and the kids played on the playground for a bit while I stood in line.  Well, after about thirty minutes of waiting, I realize, “OH NO, I don’t have my wallet.”  I knew I brought it with me, but it was not with me now.  UGH.  The sweet ladies around me said, “Run and check in your car.  We’ll hold your place with your kids.”  I ran (literally) to my car.  No wallet.  I ran (literally) back to the line wondering what I could do.  I live super close to the clubhouse, so I ran (literally) all the way home while my kids stood in line with perfect strangers who were nice.  No wallet.  I ran (literally) all the way back to my car and searched everywhere and found the wallet under Mack’s seat.  I ran (literally) all the way back to the line just in time to fill out the form before you get in the other line to get ready to vote.  The girls did ok…they were laying on the floor in the room where I was going to vote because they were so tired of being there.  The great thing is that I wasn’t discouraged from voting…what a great privilege.  I am trying not to be a sore loser, but oh my I get a bit perturbed if I think about the results too long.  I most definitely trust the Lord and am sure that He is not surprised by the results, but I am still disappointed.  The good that did come out of it is that my children (if they remember any of this) will know that it is important to vote, even if you have to run a mile before-hand.


I am learning about how to post pictures…obviously there are duplicates.  I will work on getting them off of here, but I wanted to share some cute pictures from today.  They are all ready for Wednesday night church.  Wednesdays are busy evenings around here.  We definitely have baths on Wednesdays, we make sure Molly and Mack take good naps, I have to shower and get presentable, and we learn our Cubbies Verse.  We usually have pizza around 5:00 and then are out the door by 5:30.  We don’t get home until about 8:30 or later.  The girls love choir and Cubbies.  I taught Ruby’s class last year and this year I am Molly’s teacher.  Fun times.

Why Blog?

Ok, so Josh has asked me why in the world I would want to blog.  He doesn’t see how I will have time and wonders who exactly will read it.  Well, I told him that this is more for me.  I hear there are companies who will bind into book-form any one’s blog, so I think that is a great way to keep up with life here at the Dorminy house.  I try to write down funny stories or memorable events in the kid’s journals.  They sit on my bedside table…however, by the time I get up to my bed each night I am usually too tired to write a lot or go into great detail or either I have just plain forgotten the funny stuff that has happened.  I have so many cute conversations with these little people in my house.  I want some sort of record. I also assume that our out-of-town family, which is everyone except for Uncle Jason, will want to see our kids and read up on what we are doing.  So, here I am blogging and hoping it won’t take up too much of my time.  Just in this time I am sitting here, I realize the house is a little too quiet….better go see what these kids are up to.

(Note to self:  Post on your voting experience with three kids, the comment Molly made on Josh’s work attire, and her comment on the mall……see, if I don’t make notes, I will forget!!!)