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Well, the election is over…we won’t even talk about the results…BUT, I did want to share about my voting experience this year.  When I voted for Bush in 04, Ruby was with me and was only seven months or so and did great in the long line.  This year, just four short years later, I am in line with THREE kids.  Fortunately, we vote at our neighborhood clubhouse and the kids played on the playground for a bit while I stood in line.  Well, after about thirty minutes of waiting, I realize, “OH NO, I don’t have my wallet.”  I knew I brought it with me, but it was not with me now.  UGH.  The sweet ladies around me said, “Run and check in your car.  We’ll hold your place with your kids.”  I ran (literally) to my car.  No wallet.  I ran (literally) back to the line wondering what I could do.  I live super close to the clubhouse, so I ran (literally) all the way home while my kids stood in line with perfect strangers who were nice.  No wallet.  I ran (literally) all the way back to my car and searched everywhere and found the wallet under Mack’s seat.  I ran (literally) all the way back to the line just in time to fill out the form before you get in the other line to get ready to vote.  The girls did ok…they were laying on the […]

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I am learning about how to post pictures…obviously there are duplicates.  I will work on getting them off of here, but I wanted to share some cute pictures from today.  They are all ready for Wednesday night church.  Wednesdays are busy evenings around here.  We definitely have baths on Wednesdays, we make sure Molly and Mack take good naps, I […]

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Why Blog?

Ok, so Josh has asked me why in the world I would want to blog.  He doesn’t see how I will have time and wonders who exactly will read it.  Well, I told him that this is more for me.  I hear there are companies who will bind into book-form any one’s blog, so I think that is a great way to keep up with life here at the Dorminy house.  I try to write down funny stories or memorable events in the kid’s journals.  They sit on my bedside table…however, by the time I get up to my bed each night I am usually too tired to write a lot or go into great detail or either I have just plain forgotten the funny stuff that has happened.  I have so many cute conversations with these little people in my house.  I want some sort of record. I also assume that our out-of-town family, which is everyone except for Uncle Jason, will want to see our kids and read up on what we are doing.  So, here I am blogging and hoping it won’t take up too much of my time.  Just in this time I am sitting here, I realize the house is a little too quiet….better go see what these kids are up to. (Note to self:  Post on your voting experience with three kids, the comment Molly made on Josh’s work attire, and her comment on […]

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