It’s Been A While

Wow! Time is a flying. I have random thoughts about blog topics and even funny illustrations to go along with them. I make lists of these blog ideas, and I pray there will be time to focus more on writing one of these days.

For now, I am afraid a photo-dump of sorts is about as good as it is going to get because, well, December.

We took some family photos with our iPhone for our Christmas cards this year. I even made a spreadsheet for keeping up with people’s addresses, so that I can stop texting friends at Christmas time asking for their addresses! It is time to be a grown-up.

The kids helped deck the halls of the youth rooms at church one Sunday and had a great time.

We went Christmas shopping and then to Josh’s work one evening for the lighting of the Christmas tree they have on the lawn. Fun times!

Around the house we have been enjoying the twinkling lights of the tree, wrapping Rolo up like a present and finishing a couple more books with Molly and Mack. School has gone fairly well this first semester, though I did have to enlist Josh to help with Ruby’s Algebra test. I probably haven’t shared this before, but I failed Algebra 2 and got switched over to a remedial general math class, where I made a 100 for the second semester of my Junior year. I didn’t do great in higher math–obviously. But I survived.  I went to college and got a tutor for College Algebra and for Statistics and all was well. I do quite well as an adult in ways that matter, so I am ok with all of my math struggles. I suppose it made me a more compassionate person, I don’t know. But this is not about me, it is about our homeschool. We’ve been reading, writing, doing math, learning our science and spending time together. And now it is time for a Christmas break! Tomorrow is baking day, so that will be fun. IMG_0870

Our church had a beautiful Christmas singing service, which we all enjoyed very much.

I am trying to meal plan and have better choices on hand, so that’s been fun!

The youth group had their annual H2O at the Rink for ice skating. Ruby learned last year that ice skating was not her thing, but Mack tried and hated it. Molly survived several falls and had fun. I enjoyed watching everyone, safely on the sideline.

These are a few more little shots from around the house this season. Fires, naps, presents, and a sweet puppy.

We went to the church Christmas party at The Billy Graham Library. It was gorgeous out there!!! I am so glad we were able to make it. We have been at the church a year and a half or so and it feels more and more like home, and there are no words to express what this means to me. Grateful and Blessed!


Finally, we spotted Santa at Chick fil A looking over his list…he is more high-tech than I knew! Clicking away through his list while enjoying his chicken sandwich and waffle fries. I figured we shouldn’t interrupt him, so we just weirdly snap a few pictures and whisper to one another about him.

Alrighty, I think that covers it. Or at least these are the photos I have taken over the past few weeks that I thought I would share here. Josh and I finished our Christmas shopping yesterday, so we are set to just enjoy these days leading up to the big day! I am hoping for some quiet in this coming week to focus more on Jesus. To reflect on His coming to earth. It is worth the time and effort, so I hope you get quiet time to reflect during these days leading up to Christmas. It’s easy to be distracted and it’s normal to have lots of things to do, but what a sad thing to miss out on Jesus–the One all this celebration is about!


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