Thanksgiving 2018

This year my parents came to our house for Thanksgiving. We so enjoyed having them here. But before they got here on Tuesday,  Josh and the kids went to a Hornets game Monday evening. I watched them from the warmth and comfort of my home and spotted them on television.

Ruby and I made Aunt Marcy’s pumpkin bars since she wasn’t able to bring them and celebrate Thanksgiving with us. They were delicious!!!

We enjoyed baked potatoes and chili that first evening with my parents. The next day we smoked ribs and served potato salad and cole slaw and corn on the cob. I would have made a yummy salad, but the warnings about romaine lettuce had begun circulating, so I opted out of taking a chance on the salad.

Thanksgiving preparations began on Wednesday when I made a new recipe–Cranberry Relish. It was actually really good. But by far, the best thing on the table is sweet potato casserole. YUMMY!! And my kids always want an Apple Punch that a friend from Georgia shared with us one year, so that was a must! There was a slight debate on which dressing is best (my grandma’s or Josh’s grandma’s recipe). We just agreed to disagree, but if he has any hopes of eating his favorite, he best get the recipe written down and get to practicing.

Josh smoked a turkey this year and it was divine. I wish I had taken a better picture of the food because everything we soooooo pretty and delicious. The pies are gonna be able to stick around the house for another 24 hours and then they are going in to the garbage!!! I cannot have this stuff in the house and be trusted. It’s Thanksgiving DAY, not Thanksgiving month.



Here are some other photos we took when Josh decided to bring in the Christmas tree from the carport.

Today we enjoyed a quiet morning, grabbed some lunch, watched some football, and now Josh, Mack and Ruby are at the movies. Molly and I went to ULTA at 7:00 this evening, which technically means this is my first year ever participating in Black Friday shopping! I have never been interested in getting out in that mess, and we obviously waited long enough that it just seemed like a regular shopping day. There were no crowds or long lines. Now we are safely back inside sitting by the fire and enjoying the quiet. That is my kind of Black Friday shopping!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with their family and friends. I know we did!

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