Every now and then (when I get backed up on the blog because I haven’t made time to organize my thoughts and write), I title a post “random.” And that is exactly what it is. Random pictures, random thoughts, randomness of every color because –man, life is full!

Let’s start with Rolo’s birthday.


She got a “happy birthday” bone and a hat that she just about bit me for trying to put on her head. She also got a few new toys/treats at the PetPeople store. And I took her on a extra long walk and run Sunday afternoon.

When Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina’s coast we were left without power for three and a half days. The first night was candle light dinner and games by flashlight. After that, it was weeping and gnashing of teeth. And Hampton Inn.


And Target wifi for school work.


Mack spotted a cross out in the windy trees that first night without power.  Perspective is important. I could have used a better one over those few days.


We have been watching a lot of UGA football…and other football, for that matter. Mack gets crazy when the games are on.




We have been doing school the best we can lately. I don’t think we have had a normal week since we started in late August. Always something that comes up and changes our schedule around, but I am trying to go with the flow and also dig in at times and do extra work to keep up.  Here’s a text I sent to Josh the other day.


On Wednesdays we have a writing class. The girls go for the first hour while Mack gets to sit with a friend and eat pizza, drink Coca-Cola, and play card games. Then, the girls get whatever is leftover and their own drink, of course, while we wait on Mack to finish his class.


Mack cracks me up about his class. I know that he does NOT like to do anything in a hurry. Nothing. If I hurry him up, he shuts down. This has been like this forever. However, when you are in a class of 15 students, you must keep up or get left behind. So, he usually comes to the car and I ask, “How did it go today, Mack?” And he usually replies in a defeated tone, “As good as it could have, I guess.” What usually comes out is that the teacher was giving instructions and everyone else knew what to do, but he was having trouble figuring out what to do. The last two weeks he says he has a couple of new friends that he sits with, so he asks them questions and they ask him questions to help each of their homeschooled selves. ha!  Wonder of wonders that the teacher doesn’t sit with you and give personal attention to every move you make!! He is learning and growing.


And today I snapped this photo because today is a new work week– Monday, a new month–October 1st, and I was starting The New Testament in my Bible reading–the book of Matthew. And I opened a brand new journal. It just felt so good. I love a fresh start right here in the last quarter of the year!

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