A few details about 2018/19 school year

Three days a week–Table Time. The kids don’t like that name, “Table Time.” They say it sounds like a preschool thing.  Maybe they’re right, but in the morning at the table we will be doing a series of things for a set amount of time.

WORD OF THE DAY (Maybe two words a day)


Maria’s Word of the Day will be incorporated at least three times a week, and we will likely need to choose two or three words a day to get through the box. The goal is to learn a new word and what it means AND use it appropriately at least once in that day.



We will do this Logic book twice a week and see how smart or not-so-smart we are!



Honestly, Ruby is the best speller of the family. I am a close second and the other three are a mixed bag! So we still work through spelling words and spelling “rules,” of which there are ALWAYS exceptions. So as much as spelling can be a bore, our standard testing every year-end tells me it is still needed at The Dorminy Academy of Higher Learning.


Each kid has their own Bible plan, but the three times a week we are at the table together, we will read the Proverb chapter of the day and pray together.

The other mornings will start a little differently, but I am excited about gathering my (not so little) chicks around the table to start our day together. It’s one of the perks of homeschooling–all sitting at the table, unrushed, keeping our own schedule and continually getting to know one another day after day and year after year. The clock is ticking on how many years we will all be under the same roof, so for now I am choosing to walk confidently in this season, saying no to many other opportunities or interests in order to put my main efforts here at home and into each of my kids.


Mack and I worked on his schedule. We are going to try to stick to these times at the beginning and get into a good routine that will come to him as naturally as breathing. {This is the goal, anyway. Mack doesn’t really stick to any kind of schedule…he is easily distracted and takes a gazillion outside breaks throughout the day. Balancing the freedoms of homeschooling with the “GET THIS WORK DONE NOW, SON!” mentality is challenging at times. We are all a work-in-progress.}

And this picture below is totally random, but we wouldn’t want to leave Rolo out of the back to school hoopla! It will be hard on her to have the kids busy with their work more than they are now, but she will likely appreciate the earlier wake-up times. For the summer she has been in her crate until the girls decide to roll out of bed around 9:30!! And I hear that owners look like their dog and vice versa. I can definitely see the hair resemblance between us.


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