Mack’s first camp

Mack went to Elementary Camp with our church last week. He had a blast! This was his first time to spend a week away from home like this, so I was nervous that he might get home sick, but he didn’t! He was glad to see us and happy to be home with a clean toilet and shower and comfy bed, but he had such a good time at camp that he was able to successfully endure any of the bad parts.

I LOVED when friends would send a photo of Mack smiling from ear to ear. It did my heart good.

He learned bible verses, heard amazing Bible truths morning and evening, learned to share his faith and practiced it with his friends, played games, went tubing, canoeing, played laser tag, and a gazillion things more!

We are so happy to have him home! And I must say that his bag came back in great shape. Dirty clothes were in the bag I sent him for dirty clothes. He brought back all of his toiletries and flip flops. I was just thoroughly impressed with him! Molly came home from her camp last year with a suitcase full of sopping wet clothes, so I really wasn’t expecting much from an 11 year old boy. Let’s just say he has learned from Molly’s mistakes.


And yes, the girls also went to church camp in Tennessee and had a blast, but I don’t have pictures I will post of them. They are at the age where everything has to be approved. I also saw several photos that I wouldn’t post because they just reveal that I  still need to do some coaching with one of the girls on social interaction and boundaries. Ahhhh, the joys of motherhood.  But the girls did have a good time on their trip and learned a lot of cool things from the Bible! I am thankful for our church family.



Firm Steps

Psalm 37:23 “The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him;”

Psalm 16:9 “The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”

Psalm 84:11 “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

I am aware that God orders our steps. I rest in that truth. I walk in that truth. I trust that God is Sovereign, perfect and all of His ways are good.

Sometimes He gives us extra-awareness of this truth which ends up fueling our trust and faith all the more. I had one of those times this past weekend.  We had traveled down to South Georgia for Charlene/Grandmaw/GG’s funeral. She passed away last Thursday, July 26th. We are thankful we were able to be there with family; I learned some things about her that I didn’t know, and I was reminded of what a hard-working woman she was. Thankful she is in heaven with Jesus!

Josh found some VHS tapes of him playing football in elementary school and in high school while we were there. We played them, and I videoed them on my phone. Mack has begged me for years to figure out how to let him see Josh play football. I told him even I have never seen Josh playing football! Josh loved football the most of all sports when he was growing up.  He is a natural leader, and he is athletic and a hard-worker….all things that make for a good team player. He played quarter back most often growing up, and he was starting quarter back his freshman through senior year at Lee County High School on the varsity team. It was just expected that he would go to college and play football. Josh expected it, for sure. He was even scouted by University of Georgia and verbally given their word that he had a place on the team. Then, one terrible day, the Goff coaching team got fired from UGA. One of the coaches came to Lee County High school to tell Josh he had been fired, but that most likely Josh would be fine and still be able to attend UGA and play football.  That didn’t happen.

Let me just say that Mack is sick about this story. It doesn’t matter that I tell him that if Josh had been signed to UGA and played football that Josh and I would have never met…most likely. Which also means, Mack wouldn’t have been born to even know that his dad didn’t get to play football at UGA. None of this matters to him. He would rather us not have met and him not be born than to have to realize that Josh was fairly close to playing football at UGA. The conversation we have about this leaves me flustered every time. But anyway….

We watched one video that highlighted Josh and the coach was interviewed and said, basically, “Josh can go to any school and play right away.”

Yet, God didn’t have that in the plans for Josh. Part of me wishes he had been able to see that dream come true, but knowing God’s plans are best and that God is good, I trust that it wouldn’t have been good for Josh. I trust that God wanted us to meet at Middle Georgia College in Cochran, GA in 1996. WHERE is Cochran??? Exactly. No one knows much about that school at all. Josh went there to play baseball, which he didn’t even love, but thought he would sign and go play in the pros. When the St. Louis Cardinals drafted him in the 42nd round and took him to lunch at Hardees, Josh turned down the opportunity–fully aware that he didn’t love baseball and wasn’t pro material anyway. He decided to keep going to school and ended up transferring to University of Georgia to play baseball. But not before he and I began dating. Crazy how God works.


Yes, it was super fun to watch Josh play football on those old VHS tapes. And yes, it was amazing to see him in an interview that I would love to post here, but won’t because he would likely strangle me. But more than anything, I was just thankful that my God has ordered my steps, redeems missteps and works out His will in my life for my good. Such an amazing truth!

As the sun rose the morning that we left the southern part of Georgia, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for His kindness toward me and towards Josh.