So much going on!

There has been so much going on around here lately. My head spins most days trying to keep up with the kids’ social obligations. ha! Seriously though, there is a lot of driving kids here, to, and yonder. We have all had a full summer. Last weekend the girls and I visited friends in Georgia, and we loved that time! I will post photos from that trip a little later when I have more time to put a good effort into it.

I logged out of facebook, and I don’t remember my password, so I may be out for good, which is a good thing. I have not spent a lot of time on there, but when I do scroll through I am reminded of what a time-waster it truly is and how I don’t even know very well most of the people that post on my feed. And I cannot help but hearing a quote from Tony Reinke’s wife in his book 12 WAYS YOUR PHONE IS CHANGING YOU that was something like, “Social media is a bad trade. Your present moment for someone else’s past.” Yikes. So true. So bye-bye Facebook.

I have been reading a lot lately. Last year I started stacking the books I read as the year went on, and I liked the visual it provided. The stack got pretty high, and I was able to have on-hand any books I wanted to go back and read. It is kind of crazy that my favorite two books from last year are no where to be found in this house. I may have to re-order them!! I don’t remember loaning them out or anything. I usually don’t loan out my favorites that I have marked up and want to re-read. This is my stack so far this year:

And right now I am reading this one:



I will share more about it later. So many nuggets to remember and share. One statement she makes that I cannot get out of my head is, “The strength of our words must match the strength of our relationships.” Wow.

And this book is also one I am working through. The main practice I am into right now is basically free-writing every morning. Three pages of whatever I want to write. No rules. No sharing. No worrying about how it sounds. I hope it leads to a breakthrough of sorts in creativity for me. We shall see.


And one last thing to record here on the blog is that I am making steady progress with my health. I am in my seventh month of working out, and I feel so much better. It is hard to go three times a week and work your tail off for an hour, but I have been doing it. I have lost nearly twenty pounds and gained much better sleep, clothes fitting better, and just overall better feeling about everything! I think I need another round of Whole30 or something like that to keep my eating in check…but it isn’t terribly hard to keep my eating in check because my stomach acts crazy with certain yummy foods. I am always quickly reminded why I shouldn’t eat those foods. Josh seems to have a stomach of steel. Nothing much bothers him AND he sometimes eats terrible and then loses a few pounds. Crazy.

So here’s a photo that shows me seven months ago and then seven weeks ago and the black shirt is just last week. So, I hope I can keep on keeping on. It’s been worth all the sweat, and oh boy do I sweat!!!


I suppose that is enough randomness for one post. But maybe I will post this list of questions a friend posted on facebook. I took a photo of the screen before I logged out of facebook. They were just too good not to keep and use. Maybe you will find them useful as well.



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