death brings life

I sat in her office, still feeling a little awkward being there and opening up to someone who I have known for just a couple of months, and I tried not to be too aware of my body language.  (Crossing your arms might seem like you don’t want to share….is that true for crossing your legs also? But looking too comfortable might seem like you’re trying too hard to seem open. How much direct eye contact is appropriate?…ugh…see what I mean?) My counselor has been so helpful.  I’ve often considered being a counselor, but had yet to actually visit one in their office.  The move and the onslaught of loss seemed a good time to start.  Facing new every single day has a way of shaking you up a bit.  In a good way! And in a way that might require counseling. “What else might the Lord be putting to death in order to bring new life?” she asked, pointedly. We had been talking about the walks I have been taking and how they are good for me; I shared how the beautiful spring in Charlotte was not lining up with the winter in my heart.  All the beauty and life and bright colors. I was still in winter— still dying to myself in some painful ways, so I found it hard to believe that it was time for spring to usher in “all things new.” “What else might the […]

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