The Lake…on a whim

Josh informed me one afternoon that we were going to the lake and renting a pontoon boat. That day.
I am not spontaneous at all. I much prefer planning and being prepared than not, so after a not-so-fun conversation about why he couldn’t have let me know sooner, we all put on our bathing suits, threw some sunscreen and beach towels in a bag and headed to the lake.



Obviously, the kids had fun.


Who am I to stand in the way of tubing and swimming in the lake??



The tube had room for two kids, so a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors had to be played by Ruby and Mack to see who had to get off the float for Molly to have a turn.
Serious business.


Here’s another funny picture that shows what we look like when I drive the kids to the pool with a large float…

What a sight.

This week starts VBS for the kids. It’s been a while since we’ve had to be somewhere by 9am…here’s to hoping we can make it!
Molly also has sewing camp each afternoon. What a full week we’re about to have. I think I need some serious sleep to get me ready!
But first, one more picture. Yesterday I made breakfast and then sat across these two with their “bed-heads.” It brought me great joy because at times like these I see a bit of my mark on the girls…crazy hair in the morning. Mine lasts all day, but their’s is able to be tamed at this point in their lives.


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  1. You mean you don’t sit on ‘go’ waiting to jump in the car and head to the lake??? HAHA — you sound like me. But what a nice balance the kids get — structured fun with Mom and spontaneous (totally cool lake) fun with Dad!!

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