Where in the World Do I Start?

The truth is, there is no way to know when this whole plan started exactly…off the cuff I might say Josh has wanted to take the kids and me on a mission trip for a couple of years. Each of us parents left the country later in life–Josh in his twenties and me in my early thirties. But when you really think about it, The Lord knew about this trip a long time ago, like before anything. He knows and plans our days and works He has for us.
So where do I now begin to share about our trip? I’ll start the practical way, at the beginning.

Paperwork for passports!




And that exciting day when they came in the mail!
And then you saw in the previous posts how we got to the airport and then got to Miami and then got in the hotel and then woke up early for another plane trip. Nothing could have totally prepared us for what we saw and heard and smelled when we walked out of the Haiti airport to walk to our bus. Mack’s first comments in a low whisper to me were, “I want to go home now.”







These were the nicest houses I saw. Poverty beyond my comprehension.




Two bus loads of us and luggage made its way to New Missions, an amazing and God-honoring mission organization.



The kids were exhausted. Ruby couldn’t bear to close her eyes, for fear she may miss something. She was taking it all in. The other two just couldn’t bear to hold their eyes open, so they napped. I was so proud of each of them. They were troopers through a lot of traveling and walking and listening and cold shower. Yes, that is singular because that’s all they could take! Ha!


The property was beautiful! We stayed in this precious “cottage.”

We took a walk around the whole property that Tuesday evening. We saw where they store rice and beans for the families. We also saw the chairs donated by Olive Garden for the schools. And we saw many pulpits given in honor of Pastor Johnny and Mrs. Janet and their work with Timothy+Barnabas.





We heard some amazing stories of God’s provision and faithfulness.



We heard about the earthquake and its aftermath from the ones who were actually there during it all. I’m so thankful my kids where there hearing all of this! May it build their own faith in our huge God.



My kids got to meet my friend, Sheryll, and there is so much I want to share about her that I’m going to have to save it for a post all its own! She is precious!



The night ended with a devotion led by Josh. I love that man. He leads us so well. I am so content following him as he follows The Lord. Our kids are blessed. I tell them all the time!
This is only the end of our first day….the second day got even better. I can’t wait to share more (maybe tomorrow…After a hot shower and my special face wash and lotion and a good night’s rest in my comfy bed with my comfy pillow and heat and lights that work so well)! Thankful that this trip has helped me see differently…a reminder of how outrageously blessed and even pampered my life is. Please check back soon for the rest of the pictures and stories!


2 thoughts on “Where in the World Do I Start?

  1. I am so proud of you guys! I think this is so wonderful. I wish more families would entrust their children to the Father more! Watch out though… Your grand babies may be living overseas if you raise them this way.

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