Funny Little Conversation

Today I left church with the kids alone since Josh was heading in a different direction. We pulled through Zaxby’s drive-thru in order for me to get on to the business of a nap as soon as possible. I spotted a high school guy from church that is the boyfriend of a girl we all know. I mentioned that I saw him and referred to him as so-and-so’s boyfriend.
Ruby spoke up with great assertion and said, “I am never going to have a boyfriend.”
Molly gasped and said, “WHAAAAT?”
Ruby said it again without any hesitation. “I am never ever going to have a boyfriend. ”
Mack is puzzled by her perspective, but for a different reason than Molly….he says to Ruby, “but then you’ll never get to have a precious little son like me.”
Ruby rolled her eyes and then Molly baffles me when she starts asking Ruby, “What if God CALLS you to have a boyfriend?”
Ruby, again, says, “Molly, hush. I’m not gonna have a boyfriend. That’s it. ”
Molly continues to press the point. “Ruby, but what if God CALLS you to be married? Will you just be disobedient? If He CALLS you to be married, you should get married. ”

Ruby didn’t seem to really give. She just dismissed Molly’s yapping and said, “Not gonna have a boyfriend. ”

I was laughing. Ruby wants nothing to do with the boyfriend mess. Molly can’t imagine why Ruby would say such a thing. And Mack, bless his heart, can’t imagine that Ruby wouldn’t want someone as sweet and precious as him in her life one day.

These kids crack me up.


Molly’s post!

Hey it’s Molly!! This week my pawpaw (grandpa) stayed with my siblings and me! Saturday we went to my brother’s football game and out to eat Mexican with my uncle. On Sunday we went to church and went back home. On Monday we did school and went to my brother’s football practice. On Tuesday my sister (Ruby) and I went to Timothy at our church for 4 hours. On Wednesday we went to sonic, Kroger, and did school. On Thursday we went to sky zone, and and I stayed with Mack and jumped and competed to see if I was a boy or girl (i am a girl). On Friday we grilled and cleaned and did school and MOM AND DAD CAME HOME!!!! And now I am sitting behind a couch making this blog. Later!

This is where my parent’s stayed.




She Takes Her Job Seriously

Molly has her second babysitting job today. Little man was happy to be here, but it did take him a while to warm up. He and Mack hit it off just fine. Molly had to take some extra measures to win him over.

I was impressed. It takes a lot to have a girl put on her little brother’s Power Ranger suit that is too small for her and play swords. I give her props for that.
So far, job #3 is a success!

The Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA

Many years ago, like 16 years, Josh and I went on a sort of double date to the fair. We were attending Middle Georgia College in a small town called Cochran. We were beginning to have an interest in one another, but at this time we were technically “just friends.” He did not tell me that fair rides were not his favorite thing, so he rode several rides with me even though he probably felt like barfing. What a guy! 😉
Anyway, we took the kids to that same fair, and we had a blast. PawPaw and Uncle Jason met us. They had less money in their pockets and also rode rides they may have rather skipped once the night was over, but they sure did make some fun memories with the kids!






















Working Hard

Today seems to have gone so much better than yesterday! The kids have worked hard—from chores to piano to math, reading, spelling, writing, history and geography. It’s been a good day. I have enjoyed being with them and helping them learn.




Molly has discovered she enjoys Geronimo Stilton books. Mack is reading better and better every day. Ruby is moving along in her math; I enjoy seeing her doing so much of it on her own. And I have learned a gracious plenty about The Middle East and Europe and Vikings. We’ve definitely made some strides in our learning the past 8 weeks. I’m encouraged!

A Productive Day After All

There were a room full of ladies from Sunday School class over last night, and we enjoyed talking until about 10:00. Then, I spent some more time talking to Josh. It was late when I finally went to sleep, which has made our morning a bit challenging. I’m too embarrassed to say exactly what time we got started on actual school work. But I will tell you that everyone was (and still is) a bit cranky. It seemed like we were making more messes than actually learning anything and having a productive morning.
However, earlier in the morning the girls were doing their Bible study and had an activity to write an encouraging note to our trash pick-up guys. The girls were excited when I told them that the trash was getting picked up soon, so this would be a great morning to do the activity. Molly made her sign quickly and taped it to the trash can.
A few minutes later I heard the trash truck coming down the road. They went to the front of the house and watched the men to see if they noticed the sign. I said a quiet prayer that the men would be gracious and would indeed notice.
Sure enough, the kids were smiling and laughing. They said the men saw the sign and one took out his ear buds and showed the other guy and they smiled! How neat! Hopefully Molly’s note encouraged them as they did their job today.


Makes me want to be more aware of the many opportunities I have to encourage those around me day to day.