Adult Swim is the Devil

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’m pretty sure I am on to something.   Adult Swim is the devil.  You are sitting there in the lounge chair, just getting settled in with your Kindle after lathering three full sized kid bodies with sunscreen, pulling out the goggles, rounding up diving rings, positioning everyone’s towels and then you hear the gosh-awful sound of the whistle and those two words that send all your calm into a tailspin….”Adult Swim!!” In reality it should be called something else because RARELY do I see any adults take advantage of the empty pool. Maybe they could holler out, “GO GET YOUR MOM’S AREA SOAKING WET AND EVEN DRIP WATER ON HER KINDLE TIME!” or, “GO ASK YOUR MOM HOW MANY MINUTES TIL YOU CAN SWIM AGAIN TIME!” or, “RUN OVER TO YOUR MOM AND TELL HER HOW HUNGRY YOU ARE TIME!” Yes, that one.  They might as well say, “SNACK TIME!”  I’m more than certain that the snacking industry and the whole concept of “Adult Swim” are absolutely in cahoots.  Seriously, Doritos make a killing solely based on their consumption during the summer months of “Adult Swim.”  Don’t even get me started on Pringles and Barrel Drinks.   Now, I know a kid gets hungry as a result of all that swimming, but they wouldn’t realize they were so hungry if the blasted whistle hadn’t just blown to remind them that their […]

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