Not a wasted word….

Oh, that Ruby.  She really did it last night.  In a good way.  A precious way.  I cried.  I would have bawled if Josh hadn’t been right there.  He might have thought I was a bit dramatic, which I have been accused of before.  But there are moments in motherhood that take your breath away…when you see a glimpse of unprompted selflessness in your kid; it’s a grand feeling.

Josh left this morning for a trip.  Last night as he was packing he saw a little note folded just so on his bedside table….”Daddy”

Is that not the sweetest thing?  It is full of love and devotion…don’t you think?

And just in case you have trouble reading it, here is what it says:

“Dear Daddy, I love you so much!  It would be so hard to explain.  Just so you know my arms can’t tell you how much.  And even though I am away from you, you are still close to me.”



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