It’s Christmas Eve!

I am in south GA, and I just thought I would post a little something.  As usual, we are eating well and enjoying time with the family. Josh and I were able to go to a quiet lunch yesterday while Gran and PawPaw took the kids to a movie.  We met them afterwards at Target for a little Christmas shopping.  The kids drew names with each other and then roamed around trying to find something they thought the person would like.  I partnered with Mack to try and find something for Molly.  That was hilarious.  He could hardly pull himself away from the boy stuff.  He kept finding things he thought he would love, but had a harder time being interested in anything Molly might want.  I guess that is to be expected from a 3 year old boy who is also the baby of our family…a bit rotten, but we are working on it!! PawPaw and Josh took the kids to the lights at Chehaw.  They came back really hyper…I am not sure what happened, but it took them quite a while to settle back down.  After watching a little GRINCH everyone was ready for bed. Gran is hanging in there with all the craziness.  She was such a trooper through the whole movie and Target fun.  She and I were able to talk while the kids were at the lights, and I enjoyed that very much.  She continues to be so patient with each kid and their […]

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