And the Excitement continued…

We were all excited to see Ruby after school.  She brought her stocking home to open with us.  Mack was very interested in the candy.  Molly helped her open the gifts.  It was fun!  Her whole day must have been fun because, in her words, they “partied, partied, partied!!!”

Books, stickers, pencils, and jewelry!

Ruby read Molly her new books.  She is doing so well with her reading, and I am proud of her.  She is often-times heard asking what words spell.  It can drive you bonkers, but you never let it show because I am just glad she cares to know!

Mack was content to suck on a rainbow candy cane while sporting only his diaper.  He had made a mess of himself at the Mexican restaurant right after school, so I made him strip down as soon as he walked in the door….Josh was traveling, so we decided to celebrate the last day of school with dinner out!  It was a last minute decision I made when I realized at 3:00 I had not eaten lunch, just a couple of cinnamon rolls had sustained me through the morning and into early afternoon.  Oh, so healthy.

Someone should really potty train this guy because somebody doesn’t seem to change diapers regularly any more.  That would be a good New Year’s Resolution….potty train your really big, almost three year old boy.


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