Tornados. We are Idiots.

So, late last night we fell into bed completely exhausted from our Sunday.  Exhausted.  After maybe 40 minutes of sleep, the tornado siren in our neighborhood went off.  I woke up, went to the window to take a look outside.  I don’t know if I was trying to see if the tornado was in our backyard or over in our neighbor’s yard (?!)  but nonetheless, the weather didn’t seem so threatening.  The siren went off, didn’t come back on, and I woke Josh up.  I told him what was going on, and he said, “Oh, it’ll be alright” and IMMEDIATELY he was snoring again.  Immediately.  I, like an idiot, figured he was probably right and got back into bed.  You might think that was very stupid of me, and I do agree.  But I also know that waking up three sleeping children just really goes against all that is in me.  

This morning Josh started getting calls as early as 7:13am asking if we were ok!  Less than 1/2 a mile down from us there was so much damage from a tornado.  Trees down on houses and cars, power out, some homes completely devastated….we slept through this, people.  We are idiots.

I just drove through some of the neighborhood that was hit, and I am just amazed at how ridiculous it is that I stayed in bed during such threatening weather.  I couldn’t help but say aloud over and over, “Thank you, God.”  Seriously.  We were protected during this.  I am thankful.  I don’t know why we slept through that!  But this I do know- I will most definitely ALWAYS wake up my kids and deep-sleeping husband and make them all go to the closet next time I hear the sirens!  I also know that we are idiots.  There is really no other way to put it.


Quick funny story to change your thoughts of our “idiotness”——–  I was putting the kids in the car and remembered that I needed to get Lilly’s address for Ruby’s birthday party.  I told the girls that I was going to go get the address, and they were to stay in the car.  When I got back, Molly was crying, “I WANT TO SEE THE DRESS.”  I was confused, “What dress are you talking about?”  “The dress that Lilly is going to wear to Ruby’s birthday party.  I WANT TO SEE THE DRESS.”  She didn’t know what an address was.  I explained it meant the location of your house, where you live….she still didn’t quite get it and still wanted to see the dress.  Funny.

The Recital is Drawing Near

I failed to include these photos when they were taken, so when I ran across them today, I decided to show them to you now.  Ruby and Molly have been taking each Monday at 3:15 up at the church.  They both enjoy it.  Mack and I wait in the parent viewing room and can watch them practice on a tv.  They are in different classes and each got their outfits a month or so back.  

dsc_0008Ruby was excited about the bright pink tu-tu she got.  She couldn’t believe that her tu-tu was so huge.  She kind of wanted it to NOT be so poofy because she didn’t know what to do with her arms.

dsc_0011I am not 100% sure, but it seemed that Molly seemed a bit slighted because her tu-tu is not nearly as poofy as Ruby’s.  During this picture time she did not smile or pose or dance around.  This was about all we got from her.  

dsc_0012dsc_0015Molly never did get real happy about trying on her tu-tu.  

And, well, this is how Mack felt about all the tu-tu poofyness……..


I hope he can handle a couple of hours of girls dancing around on May 9th during the recital!  We are already looking forward to it  (and it has nothing to do with the fact that once the recital is over I won’t have to dress two girls in tights, leotards, leg warmers, shoes, then load up all three kids, drive to church, unload three kids, walk up three flights of stairs, change two girls into ballet shoes, distract and entertain Mack for 45 minutes, change the girls back into their regular shoes, go back down three flights of stairs with three kids, load them up, head home and hurry and cook dinner….nothing).



Molly. She’s sweet.


I loved how these pictures of Molly turned out…she is a sweet little booger.




And I hear her right now, 7:28am, walking down the stairs in her flip-flops.  She loves her flip-flops.


And I love her.






And she can smile, too.


And she can jump!


She’s our Ruby-doo, and we love her….pouting and all.  It’s amazing how quickly she can go from happy to sad to pouting to mad to giggling with joy.  She’s going to make a great MOM one day.  

Mrs. Kristy

Ruby’s friend, Katherine, spent the night last night. She calls me “Mrs. Kristy.” This morning I heard the girls get up. As they walked down the hall I heard MOLLY, my daughter, say, “Let’s go see Mrs. Kristy downstairs. Let’s ask Mrs. Kristy if we can eat breakfast. C’mon…let’s go see Mrs. Kristy.” Very cute.

Easter Lunch with Friends

We had a wonderful Easter afternoon with some of our friends from church.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.  The kids had a blast!  I know I mentioned the Easter Egg Hunt and the lack of baskets from the Dorminy house.  Well, I also thought the Egg Hunt was so relaxed that we would just hide old plastic eggs….empty ones.  I brought empty eggs to the egg hunt, and my kids didn’t have baskets…have I already mentioned that?  What a loser.  Anyway, yeah, Ruby and Molly and Mack love hiding and finding empty eggs.  I guess that they are just low-maintenance like that or what they don’t know doesn’t hurt them. Josh wasn’t bothered by it one little bitty bit, of course.  He said it would make them stronger.  Mark Anderson, a friend of ours, wanted to make it into a game where you see who got the least amount of “Dorminy eggs.”  The one with the fewest “Dorminy eggs” would be the winner.  Oh, dear.

 Well, besides the shame of empty Easter Eggs and children with NO BASKETS with which to hunt, we had a great time.  There is no way  I can sit here and post every picture I got, but here are some from the afternoon….Let’s start with dessert!


Beautiful, yummy cake made by Lindsey Harrison....
Beautiful, yummy cake made by Lindsey Harrison....

dsc_0392After eating half of the ham, Mack started in on some brownies.  They were very good.  He just couldn’t stop himself…..

dsc_0394At this point, he is wondering why he pushed through with all the ham and brownies….and he is praying for the Lord to forgive him for being a glutton.


Men-folk waiting on the lunch to be ready.
Men-folk waiting on the lunch to be ready.


Frisbee fun with Mr. John
Frisbee fun with Mr. John



Ella Anderson, after many rolls and some brownies...she'd fit in at my house!
Ella Anderson, after many rolls and some brownies...she'd fit in at my house!



All the kids getting ready to hunt eggs
All the kids getting ready to hunt eggs
And they're off!
And they're off!


Mack's dirty feet after a fun afternoon!
Mack's dirty feet after a fun afternoon!


This is how our ride home went.  Gotta love a quiet car with sweet, sleeping kids in it.
This is how our ride home went. Gotta love a quiet car with sweet, sleeping kids in it.

And if you are wondering about Mack’s car seat (and who wouldn’t be at this point?), it is actually Molly’s seat.  Josh had taken Mack and Molly’s car seats out to put in his truck on Saturday, then he only felt like putting one back in Sunday morning.  So, there you have it.  He doesn’t normally ride in a yellow and pink flowery car seat.  

So, now, I have finished posting about our Easter shinanigins.  It was a beautiful day….nice weather, sweet family, awesome friends, worshipful church service, ALL with the celebration of our Risen Savior as the focus.  And while I am glad I have finished posting about Easter day, I hope the celebration of our Risen Savior is experienced every day.